Variables values don't substitute in res.json call

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I’m having trouble getting my variables to resolve in the res.json call in this code.

When I run this code I get the following json:

{"name":"${firstName} ${lastName}"}

Am I missing something or is it just general Glitch weirdness again?

Here’s the live link to my glitch app

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app.get("/name" , (req, res) => {
  var firstName = req.query.first;
  var lastName = req.query.last;
  res.json({name : '${firstName} ${lastName}' });

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Challenge: Get Query Parameter Input from the Client

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What happens if you replace the quotes '${a} ${b}' with backticks ` {a} {b} `

Or another way… firstName + lastName ?

Right now a string is passed. Test in node or in the console…

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@anon10002461 Well spotted! I missed that :relaxed:

The solution was using backticks not single quotes

res.json({name : `${firstName} ${lastName}` });
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You’re welcome. Honestly, I make that mistake very frequently too :upside_down_face: