VB.Net courses with webdesign in mind?

Hi, everyone.

I’ve been looking for vb.net courses with webdesign in mind.
I’ve been redesigning a website/shop for a small company. They already have website that’s (mostly) working and isn’t online yet. My bosses weren’t happy with the look and feel of the website, so they were looking for someone to create something more to their liking. I landed the job and managed to get by mostly with my knowledge of css and html.
I started creating new pages and found a better grasp of visual basic is needed (I only had css and html experience before starting the job).
Whenever I needed vb code written in the past few months, I was able to rely on the guy who previously made the website. I dislike being so reliant on the guy, however.

Can anyone recommend decent vb courses with webdesign in mind?
I don’t mind if I have to pay, as long the price tag stays around or below € 100.
I’ve been going through Bob Tabor’s Visual Basic guide. It’s decent, but I would like to find something with more of a webdesign focus.

Thanks in advance!