Version two-Personal Portfolio. please give your feedback

hey guys, please give your review the remake of my personal portfolio,thanks.

I like the way you did the fixed “jodom” section. It’s looking great but I would point out navigation bar more. I barely noticed it. People should see it clearly to navigate it.

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hello Blue, thanks for the highlight. I’ve changed the design to the bootstrap navbar-reverse though I don’t know whether to use it on the top or bottom as original concept. Also, any ideas on the portfolio and blog sections?

Not sure about top and bottom. Usually people lean towards top because that’s where everyone first looks for a navbar.

The heading that says “Posts” could be a bit bigger and more recognizable color and I’m not sure about that blog section. Maybe have three images in a row?

I’m not that good with styling either so fiddle around, see what looks the best to you.

I use github’s pages for my portfolio. Has no codepen’s navbar so it looks cleaner. It isn’t really done yet but you can see it here if you want to.

wow, that looks real clean and simple. Id like to see the complete site :thumbsup:

Not much to do until I get into javascript and jquery. Just work on responsiveness because I didn’t do anything there and also browser compatibility. I noticed on IE the border on home screen goes full width for some reason.

oh, I’ll test that out to see. Also, do you plan on making a collapsible nav for mobile?

Yes. But not for now, I never tried doing those without bootstrap and it would probably be more frustrating than rewarding at this point. I will google more and see what I find.

One cool thing I found surfing the web is animate.css that gives you easy animations. Just add some classes to your elements and you’re done. You might like it so I though I’d add it here.

Here’s how to use it

Thanks, keep hacking.

That was kinda scary cause I’m watching some pentesting tutorials. :smiley:

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Haha, call me a god.:joy::joy::joy: Whitehat!

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Looks like the work of someone who went beyond what FREECODECAMP teaches.

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@jodom I really like the out-of-the-box approach with the navbar and scroll effect! kudos my friend… Keep up the good work!

Oh thank you @DanielStoica85 , @justdavis83. I’ve always wanted to build a portfolio page among many other things. FCC has really given me big jump-start.