Vertical padding inside accordion not applying

Under my drop-down accordions, I have attempted to add space between each individual FAQ question, but the text inside the drop-down seems to be a bit cluttered. I have no problem in adding a horizontal margin within my .panel tag, but the vertical does not apply. Any suggestions on getting this to respond properly?


Hello danmcto.

Could you clarify what you are wanting to do? Also, what do you mean by “the vertical does not apply”?

In the FAQ section, where I click the drop-down menu (labeled panel in css) I’d like the open panel to contain some space around it. When I edit the panels padding, the elements will only apply horizontally.

So, that is not what you want?

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Edit: I want the inside panel to have a larger margin, but how can I do this without adding space around the outside accordion?

You could use CSS Selectors

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Thank you! This is exactly what I needed