Very Basic-Just Getting Started

What is the method used to copy the source code of a web page on a web browser, paste and edit it in a text editor (such as Notepad), and open the results in a web browser? Every time I open it in the web browser, it displays the source code instead of the end results. I tried renaming the file with the extension of .html to no avail.

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If it is correctly formatted, then opening a .html file in your browser will display it as a web page. Typically, if you just copy a chunk of code from an existing website you will need to make changes to it before you’ll be able to use it.

Hey, if you’re using chrome, open url about:blank, then open dev-tools right click on html tag press on Edit as HTML paste your html, but you can’t see the default styled page, i think you have to link css files, i really don’t know how to do it because i think dev tools doesn’t provide such an option like this.

Me too, so need much help!

Like, what kind of changes? I edit the code, save it as HTML, open it in my browser, and it still shows code instead of a web page.

when saving type as select all files and file name as .html
usually, txt type file is selected automatically

yeah yeah. I need much help too.