Very beginner question about adding clickable images that link

So I have spent the better part of a day merely trying to put up an instagram image that when clicked takes the user to my instagram… but for the life of me it won’t work and i cannot figure it out… I’m sure its a simple fix… but this is my code… why won’t it work?

omg it works here… but not on code pen??? why???

ok, so, the problem you are having is that you cannot create an image that is a link too?

remember the cats?

<a href="link goes here"> <img src="image path goes here"></a>

if you have this and it won’t show your image, then it is likely that your image link (the pointer to your image) is broken or won’t show for outside websites, e.g. linking to a page showing a picture on your instagram, instead of the picture itself

Did you resolve your issue? If not, then post a link to your current Codepen so we can take a look at the code you are using.