Very demotivated ! What should I do:(

I’ve completed all HTML and CSS tasks a 15days ago. Now I’m working on second project : Survey Form . I’m working in it since last 1 week , but I can’t make it . My CSS skills are very poor . What should I do ? Should I quit web ? :expressionless:

Don’t quit! Keep practicing, it is your second project, if your page look awful is normal. Make sure you are passing all user stories and that is a good start! If you can’t pass user stories you a need Ask for help on the forum. Once all user stories are satisfied, you can see what to do to make it prettier
If you want to do something but don’t remember how, google it. Google everything!


Hi @Shubham10200,

Of course you shouldn’t quit web. What you’re experiencing is normal. You’ve learned stuff, but not all of it was stored in your long term memory. And, more important, you’re learning a trade. And as with every trade, you need to practice after learning the basics.

Just start with deciding what your form should look like. Decide on colours and so on. And then study forms again. Use Google to find out more about CSS in forms. Don’t bother about the right search terms, just type in your questions, Google will help you as it helps developers all over the world every day.

You could also use forms in websites to find out how they were built. Use the web inspector in your browser and learn from others.

And about CSS: it looks simple, but it isn’t. Take your time to learn and practice. And be prepared to always learn and Google while using CSS. Welcome to Front-End!

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The projects are HARD. They are meant to be hard. Each one will push you further to do your own research, decision making, creative problem solving, and troubleshooting. You will come out of the projects with so much more practical understanding of the technology than hundreds of hours of lessons can give you. If you continue to revise and improve your projects, you will also have a portfolio of actual work to show.


Thank you very much everyone for being with me and for motivating me .
After a tons of practice of survey form , I finally learnt where I was going wrong(Actually I was confused in aligning and positioning) :slight_smile:
I spent almost one week in just one project.

After finding my mistake I made a simple survey form:
Please judge my codes

I can make a better one now :slight_smile:
Again Thank you :slight_smile:

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Congratulations on working through it. Happy coding!

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Thank You very much :slightly_smiling_face:

Repeat after me: it’s going to be hard in the beginning, it’s going to be hard in the beginning, it’s going to be hard in the beginning.

So far in my experience, software development does not really come easily to the vast majority of people. There is a lot to learn, the languages, frameworks and tools that you’re using have taken years and some excellent minds to come up with, and as a result they are both capable of doing a lot, and, necessarily complex.

Your first efforts will be hard, but stick with it! The end of that tunnel is incredibly rewarding. Trust those of us who’ve made it at least some part of the way :smiley:


Stick with it! I’m in a similar position, having just finished the coursework and challenges, and now working on the Responsive Web Design Projects. Got frustrated with the Tribute Page challenge, but with a little effort and rechecking my notes, managed to finish it (10/10) in a few days. Before I submit it, I’m going to make some improvements beyond the bare-bones needed to pass, and create something more impressive.

Some days the mind just works better than others. Keep at it, don’t be afraid to ask for help and/or support, and best of luck.

If you truly love software don’t quit just because your CSS is bad; you need a bare minimum to get a frontend job because there are many frameworks out there that make your job easier and you can always practise a lot to get better with CSS. Sometimes design is not in our blood but we can at least strive to deliever MVPs.

Or maybe you are more suited towards backend development or some other area of programming. You will only know which one if you keep making projects.