Very first client and not sure how to start

Good day everyone, I am beginner… I’ve started learning HTML, CSS, a little bit of Javascript and learning how to use git and github. Yesterday I was asked to create a website for an NPO and they will officially be my first client. Can anyone give me advice on how to go about starting? What type of questions do I ask my client? Do they choose what design they want? What are the steps to take to deploy and go about getting the website online. Please share everything you know. Thank you.

Congratulations for your first official project…:+1::+1:

  • I believe to start is the most difficult part of any project. You can start by taking ideas from other type of websites in the same field.
  • For content, you’ve to ask your client. It’s possible that, they’ll give you detailed and large content, then you’ve to work upon it to summarize and describe it in most efficient way.
  • For deployment needs, there are numerous choice for static websites…
    I’ve not used many, but I can list them

  • You may need a custom domain, but unfortunately I don’t know much about that…
  • Your website should pass the web validators, and perform good at speed insights

  • You may want to submit the site to search engine

I’ve not built any official website yet, so some of these info, steps maybe irrelevant and unnecessary or maybe outdated. Therefore please consider above steps as suggestions from my side.
All the best for your project :facepunch: :facepunch:

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Awesome, thank you so much for your insight. It is indeed veery helpful.