Very General Question

First question, on the main learn page when it says you earn certification by completing the last five projects so for HTML that would be these?:

  • Check Radio Buttons and Checkboxes by Default

  • Nest Many Elements within a Single div Element

  • Declare the Doctype of an HTML Document

  • Define the Head and Body of an HTML Document

What does a certification look like? Is it a paper certificate, a badge I can put on my LinkedIn profile, an email? If I knew HTML to begin with would completing the last five and not doing the rest get me the certification?

What certifications would I need to get from FCC just to start applying to jobs and to be knowledgeable enough to make a GitHub portfolio and do a variety of projects on my own? I would be starting at the beginning, aka Basic HTML and HTML5. Do I need to complete all of them? Can I just go sequentially up through Front End?

Thank you for your time.

You get the certifications by completing the projects at the end of each section. For the first section you must complete the five responsive web design projects (tribute page, portfolio, documentation, product landing page and forgot the other one). Its an online certification that you can link to via url. Yes you just need to do the projects to get the certification.

The job part is very dependent on what sort of job you want, your portfolio and a whole tonne of other variables that other people are more qualified to talk about than me.

Oh okay I see how the ones I linked were not the end of the overall section, thanks.