Very needed advice/tips to avoid deleting and remaking my website over and over again

Quick info of me: So I’m neither a experienced pro or a complete novice. I’ve done minor projects overall and three bigger projects. A small platformer in “processing” and two php based websites. One being a stock market game “kinda” and the other a shop with news and comment system.
The stock game thingy: (need to know how to do php to open i guess and uses some danish terms here and there)

I have some experience but I’m currently trying to make my very own “pro” website. I’m mostly in search of some good to know basic setup ideas. Like if i should make a file for my header and footer, and if its bad that the file is an .php file. I think i can figure out the “main content” of the webpage but I’m currently just stuck on making my nav bar basically because i can’t seem to wrap my head around it because of a thought in the back of my mind thinking “is this good enough”, “should I do this differently”, “what if this is actually a terrible way to do it”.

I suppose I’m just asking for an idea of where to start and what to aim for when making my “fully complete” own website or possibly a good starting point :slight_smile:

i just wan’t a nice nav bar and footer after trying and resetting for a long time.

I am not an expert either but I feel I am progressively getting better when I do mock ups of other aesthetically pleasing websites. I would google search something like best restaurant websites on see how their designs/layouts and functionalities are implemented and try to reverse-engineer it. And it’s helping me out a lot! I think this could be a good starting point for you. Hope my reply was relevant to you.

Good luck!