Very possibly a "dumb" question about CDNs

i use a lot of plugins/libraries/modules through CDN that i put in my websites. If the owner or developer of the P/L/M decides to end (pull the plug )the P/L/M, all those things that was on my websites stop working? keeps working? depends?

i always had this doubt about CDNs (idk much about it), but i need some peace in mind lol.

From my understanding when they are gone - they are gone.

But I don’t believe then will go - not in the near future in anycase - probably will outlive the website you are using them on.

The real issue is - is when they are down - and that does and has happend.

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I also use a CDN for one of my websites WazirX code .
When it was on shared hosting CDN was working perfectly fine and when I migrated to VPS, CDN stopped working. No idea what was wrong.

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