Very serious about this can someone answer some ?'s i have?

Hey my name is Corey. I’m 35 year old Plumber and I’ve always like to mess around with computers and my my Phone like rooting it, customs roms that type of stuff. More recently i found free code camp and I just finished with the first little part of the html. I found it to be pretty easy. After i got done i kinda looked at the curriculum and holly shit there is allot of things on there. Can i actually do this? I hated school and i know this isn’t school but is it realistic for someone like me to learn all of this without going college for it? I mean if i apply myself to something i will accomphlish it but there was a shit ton of curriculum haha. To be honest it kind of seem like no one like me could actually do it. And lets say that i apply myself and i learn all about coding and web development and whatever else i learn on my new journey, how can i benefit other then the knowledge (witch is why i started doing in the first place)? Like im 35 and i am also a ex felon sorry to say (i would change it if i could, not proud of it) but im honest. Like really could i actually make a career out of this? What type of career would i be able to do? Anyone who can either share their story or who can give me somewhat of an idea of what i need to do, the amount of effort needed to do it, and the possible rewards i might get like a job or anything info to help me in my new journey. I really enjoy computers and started coding just for the knowledge i don’t want to get my hopes up that i can actually make something constructive and financially from it? Any info would be awesome and sorry if i seem all over the place because i pretty much am. Thanks everyone

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Hello coreyr, I think it is possible to find something in web development. For exemple there is a market for wordpress and someone who is an expert in wordpress can work for small companies or individuals. But the most difficult for you will be to begin and become your first job: it is a good idea to learn by yourself, it will be easier later, but you should learn in an organism for adult to get a certificate and have an experiment with a practical intership.

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There is plenty of anecdotal evidence for it being very possible.

Objectively, yes you can totally do it.

Subjectively, no one can answer that question better than you. It’s not like anyone here can give you any guarantees. Someone’s story, as positive or negative as it might be, is their story, not yours.

It will take hard work and perseverance, and getting your first job might not be easy (it really depends). But you won’t actually know until you try.


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Found a story on FCC news that might inspire you.

HTML and CSS are called markup languages which means it adds content and style to the page. Your first programming language will be JavaScript which is where you will write commands for the computer to actually do things. There will be a learning curve for JavaScript but that is normal.

FCC is just a portion of what is available to learn in web development. So you are going to have to get used to constantly learning and growing because technology is always changing.

This is what is called imposter syndrome and everyone experiences self doubt at some point.

The FCC curriculum teaches what is called the MERN stack and python. So basically if you do the entire curriculum it will give you a good foundation in both front end and back web development. There are different types of tech stacks that you can learn too but MERN is one of the more popular ones.

This is a good article to read more on what full stack actually means as well as other options in web development.

Hope that helps!

Happy coding!


Agree with everyone else here that you’re going to get out of it what you put into it. I won’t lie, as a convicted felon, you’ll probably have a little harder time than most getting that first job. Here’s the deal with software dev though… getting a job at a company isn’t the only way to make a living at this. If you learn all of this curriculum, build a few projects, then find someone in your town (through software dev meetings, networking, etc.) who needs a small project done, take it, even if it doesn’t seem like it’s worth the money. Then take another. Then start charging a little more. Build a reputation for honesty and integrity, and for doing good work at a fair price and eventually you’ll realize you’re a small business owner doing software development work on your own terms and it doesn’t matter what your record looks like.

Do the curriculum for 2 or 3 months and see if you still like it.
Then do it for another 3 or 4 months and see if you still like it.
Either drop it because you end up hating it after a while, or finish it in a couple years and have a new, really marketable skill. In two years, you’ll look back and think “sure am glad I started FCC” instead of “sure wish I’d started FCC”.

Good luck to you

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So what are your next steps on your journey?

Thanks i appreciate this…

I am just going to continue to teach my self python and html and css. i really just need to strat somewhere and python is my first thing i want to learn.

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Thanks everone i mean that…

Great plan Corey,

looking forward to seeing your progress!

There are many many successful self-taught developers, and the only thing that will affect your chances of becoming one yourself is how much time you are able to spend learning the craft.

Employers are looking for people that can code and communicate. If you can do these things and prove it then you will get a job.

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