Very tough to unlearn programming?

I am trying to follow Fred Baptiste’s course to re-learn programming but I wonder how do I do it. I am really bothered by it. I feel I already know the basics lol but in fact I need to unlearn it. Any guidance? When I sit to do projects, I clearly feel a huge lack of understanding of programming language and how to program as well.

I really want to say that it puts a real stress in my mind while learning to program. I need it. But I can’t get it.

you feel you know programming and need to unlearn it?

you feel you do not know programming and need to learn it?

i am saying I feel I know programming when I know I don’t know programming. It’s complicated. Simply speaking, I don’t know even programming basics correctly. I’ve learnt lots of incorrect information. I know it sounds jokish, but I’ve no idea how if-elif-else will actually work. Thats my level. But if you give me a problem I will try to make it work and feel I know programming

Still doesn’t make sense to me of what you are saying to be honest.

So, are you asking how you unlearn the incorrect information? No offense, still not sure what you are trying to get at here. You have problems with getting the basics correct, but feel like you know programming? I would say it would be the opposite if you are struggling with the basics that you dont know programming, and are in the process of understanding how things work which is where we all start.

Is there a specific question or something we can give you advice on?

Makes perfect sense to me! You may be around the “I know everything about this” to the “It’s more complicated than I thought.” stage in this learning curve. Me too!


The basics are easy to learn but then there is a very common point where it’s easy to lose steam. You just have to accept that learning is painful and keep putting one step in front of the other.

I might go through a similar thing learning French. I know a lot of basics but it’s impossible to have a conversation, so it’s hard to find my place in learning. Lessons are often too easy but using it is too difficult.

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