Vespa Product Landing Page feedback

I feel like I’m finally getting hang of HTML layout system, my only issue with this page is the Iframe scaling, but anyways, any critique is welcome : )


Well done mate!! Although black background is not my favorite color you can try super dark gray

The rear part of the yellow vespa (welcome image) is cut off on my phone.

Is this just the image or is it due to scaling?

Thank you, using black is an old habit of mine I will try playing with the colors to get less contrast

edit: changed from black to dark gray, please tell me what you think

Scaling, but it was actually intentional. I liked it and didn’t wanted to repeat the same image from the colors section. Do you think it looks strange on mobile ?

wow it totally improved. i loved the new grey background!!

Loved it!
Maybe u wanna fix some little stuff,which I’m sure no problem for you,the nav bar and The logo collides into each other in mobile view.
But loved the over all idea.great!

Sorry for replying late but your page looks really good. I have to learn a lot from you! Also, can you please add some transition: (time) because your hover looks kinda hard. That will make your hover looks smoother and better. Also in my opinion the :focus is using border: dashed or border: dotted (Sorry, I forget the styles of border) which is kinda bad because it’s kinda bad. Maybe you should use the solid one. It’s just my opinion, you will decide

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