Veteran Needs Good Vibes!

I am 51 and due to retire in one year after 26 years in the USAF. Thanks to a frugal wife I am not under terrible pressure to make what I make now. That said, I heard some folks using the phrase “learn to code” as a political football and decided that I would prove it can be done. I have minimal computer experience other than Office products and basic stuff like setting a default printer on my devices. When I was in high school, we had the first computer class in our county taught on Apple IIc desktops using Basic, Pascal and a little Fortran. I fell in love with programming then but never used it after high school. So this is a bit of a “coming home” for me and I’m excited !! My plan is to focus on web development and maybe blogging and app design. Where it will lead, I have no idea but I hope I can use it to make some extra cash and help out some non profits.

Happy coding !!


Welcome to our community. Don’t let your age or the dust on your programming skills intimidate you. If 12 year olds who can’t remember to shower regularly can learn to code, then certainly an adult with discipline, patience, and problem solving experience can. Whether it’s for fun, profit, or just to understand the way the world is changing - I hope that you enjoy your journey into programming.


Hello, and welcome! You aren’t alone in coming (back) to coding later in life. I’m 52 and my partner (who is also learning) is 54.

Good luck!


Hey Tony! I am 53 and learning to code. I’m working on JavaScripit now. I learned DOS in high school and college and have no prior experience. Keep at it man. From what I’ve learned age is not that much of a factor in this line of work.