Video Chat Applicatoin - PeerJS server on Replit


I finished my Video Chat Application and I need peerjs for that. On my localhost I can run peer server on port for example 3001, and how can I do that on replit? also I needed to do “npm i -g peer” which needs administrator access and I don’t have that on Replit.

@moT01 @lasjorg Something is wrong here. I don’t get any of my questions answered. Please can you help me?

I don’t know the library you are using. But for the PeerServer you do not have to install it globally. Look at the custom server and Express.js example in the docs.

BTW, not that I don’t want to help but for these take-home projects you can’t really expect much support. At this point, you are pretty much on your own and you should be able to research and troubleshoot. If you have specific questions about some code or something that isn’t working you have to post the code, or a link to a live editor version (like Replit), or a GitHub repo.

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