Video player design help in javascript

I can try to design the custom video player in JavaScript. as well as React JS so that it can useful for later projects. Just i want know the how to start the develop this video player. Looking for suggestion and code help so that we can build this good project also get the our resume highlight and Realtime experience working as project.
If you keenly interest please post suggestion and ideas.
Vide Player setting as follows looking for -

  • Basic Controls

  • Advance feature as add layers on the player window example displaying ads or product reviews.

  • Responsive video player

  • Build with JavaScript and React JS if you any other library then suggest

Note :- I know, On internet their tons of player already their but i want build something new and different player in the code

All suggestion are wel come , it’s not commercials or company project.I just build this for open source.

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