Videos are not clear for reading

I am watching some videos provided by freecodecamp for the coding lessons but the writings in the videos are just so blur that I can barely see anything. Is there a way to access the videos in a more clearer form? Thank you

For the Data Analysis with Python videos, I changed the video quality to 1080p and watched the videos full screen. Increasing the video quality made the text much clearer. Hope this helps!

– Joan

Thanks Joan.
But how do I change the video quality to say, 1080p?

It would help if we knew which videos you are referring to.

Usually, the player will have a cog icon for player settings. When the quality is on auto the size of the player window can affect the quality used so full screening the player may also switch the quality to a higher setting.

+1 to lasjorg. In the screenshot, the yellow arrow points to the “cog” in the YouTube video player. (Now, I know what that icon is called . :slight_smile: )


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