Viewing good code examples

I wonder if viewing some good examples of project coding can add to the FCC learning experience (of myself and in general). In the lessons the code is very short, and then the projects should be done without looking at source code. I think it might be helpful to see some good written code for projects parallel in size and scope to the projects in our challenges.This way we can also get some idea about how to design and structure our code.

Ofcourse we can just view code of some projects in Codepen, but perhaps an experienced programmer should curate good examples.
What do you think about the idea?
Do you, by any chance, know of such a resource?


The wiki section has a lot of “freeCodeCamp Algorithm Challenge Guide” posts which include solutions. Many of us who help out a lot on the forum and/or Gitter have also made all of our solutions public in our profiles and you are welcome to look at them.

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There are also youtubes of peoples talking though as they create the code. But I’d recomend looking at them after you do yours and just see how someone else would approach it.

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