Virtual Sensors for testing and development

Nooby/kinda here again lol
is there a way to test sensor readings without having the actual physical sensor setup ?
something like a virtual sensor if that exists , that gives readings to say … a software or micro controller or an SBC , whatever , i guess a sensor simulation
and if so what is it ? is a type of software ? a plug in ?
btw , i did search the internet , i never post here unless i already did and didnt really come up with anything applicable , the project is garden automation , everything that shows up seems to be for the automotive industry

Really i am unaware that is there any physical sensor set up available. using the default sensor on jiofi.local.html power pack language. Just searched on the forum and not found any associated thread, will reply if i have got any idea about it.
Thanks a lot

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thanks , im actually looking for the opposite , a virtual sensor , say … im working with an arduino linked to a raspberry pi , and i wanna test the code readings without having to setup the whole physical sensors , pumps etc , is there a way/software/plug-in that mimics/simulates readings to the arduino or raspberry pi ?
i dont know if what im saying is making sense lol
thanks anyway though , this forum is awesome , i almost get instant replies all the time , thanks