Virus on site when prompted to find study group in my city?!

Hello, new to the camp. Made it through the starter tutorial. Once prompted to find a study group in my city, the net shut down. Thinking it was previous bugs on my lady’s laptop I did a factory reset and logged back in to find my self searching for a study group again just to find my net crash. I did a system restore and that fixed the problem… sadly I won’t be going back to the site :frowning: which sucks because I was really hoping to do this!! Curious if this is a known problem or what…?

I’ve never heard of this happening. It’s not a virus, but there may be an error in the page for finding a study group that is causing your browser to crash. Would you please create a GitHub Issue with detailed information (especially your browser version number)?
The curriculum pages for Free Code Camp shouldn’t be affected by this at all, so you can keep going.

Hello, thanks for the response… I’m not sure what that help hub is… as for browser I’m using Firefox on an older Sony Vaio that runs vista. I’ll try again, and record it and post on YouTube and share the link here so you can see. After all, a quick restore fixes the problem. Not sure why said problem would knock my net connection out tho :confused:

Alright well somehow i managed to get past the page giving me the problem… back to working on the “catphotoApp” … thanks again for the response !