[VISION UPDATE!] Serious web developers only : Attempt to boost your chances of getting hired

Please post feedback down below. What can you do to help the group grow? How can I fix the already pointed out many flaws? What would you do the correct the status of the group?

The only way this project can succeed is by maintaining a group size of substantial amount.

The end result is a news feed of the latest web developer trends most often sought by jobs, attract developers that can improve your personal website, and difficult algorithm questions that will melt your brain!

Disclaimer: Serious doesn’t imply you have to be a code guru. The audience is ideally intermediate users willing to learn and adapt to the latest of technology trends and maintain the upper hand.

What? Level up algorithmic skills and keep up with the latest technology trends
Who ? Yours truly
Why ? To increase your chances of landing, and securing yourself as a developer
Where? Link specified below
When? Every day. 24/7

  • Daily algorithm questions
  • Content designed to keep up with the latest trends
  • attract other group members to your site and receive feedback / collaboration
  • Help others and receive help on any projects that you post
    The future? Tons of opportunity for growth, as I grow myself as a developer I will try and make the bets out of this group, albeit it might take some heavy drafting.

I know freecodecamp already encourages this. But this is more specific.

Sign up at your leasure. There is nothing to lose.

With due respect, and in my opinion, I think what you are proposing is against the spirit of freeCodeCamp—it reads like some elitist scheme behind a walled garden that most people here, again in my opinion, don’t need (ironically the link to the group is on Facebook and can’t be accessed without logging in).

I mean, to name a few, who gets to decide who is serious and who isn’t? Who gets to decide what is worthy of showing off and what isn’t? Have you considered the people who are constantly suffering from imposter syndrome and how this would make them feel, particularly if they are rejected from the group? What if some people are just in it to piggyback on other people’s effort? What are you going to do to mitigate the side-effect of siphoning helpful/talented people from freeCodeCamp and/or how do you plan to give back to the community?

There is quite a lot to lose.


Appreciate constructive criticism a lot.

The best way to learn is to learn from the best, and that’s how you give back to the community after you have laid out the foundations

The benefits far outweigh the cons

Impostor syndrome has the user pose as a serious developer, a large audience attracts employers seeking talent.
Convenient way to get users forking your github projects
2 heads think better than 1

Hard to maintain a stable audience

Some of the best code is already open source. Even proprietary can be reverse engineered with a team of developers that are able to reverse assembly code. I don’t see why piggybacking effort would be a huge deal to begin with, especially since you are actually making another dev better by contributing to them.

If it becomes an issue then what you end up with is an admin filtering out those users if the administration is actually decent. It’s only after a certain degree of demand for the group that this happens.

All that is going to end up happening is support gets integrated for amateurs through some other creative mean.

Who decides what’s worth showing off, and why should anyone care about their opinion?


I didn’t know how to put it best at the time of writing, but generally speaking I just want quality content

That doesn’t change the problem though. Who decides which content is “quality”? Is this based purely on design aesthetics, quality of code, creativeness of concept, or something else? Even assuming you can address those questions, I still don’t understand what the intended goal is with your group.

There is only one main rule in this group. That is, only post content that the community can use to find a web developer job.
There is nothing to lose from somebody posting a challenging interview question that they have recently struggled with. Now if somebody else gets asked that what happens? they won’t fail the interview. simple as that

I’ve got similar reservations about this as @PortableStick and @honmanyau

You don’t really have any focused idea here beyond “start a Facebook group”. You’ve got a list of generic ideas. This group can’t be all of things you’ve said it is at the same time. Some things you’ve posted are a little contradictory. The things you listed all exist already in a more useful form. Some are counter to being a closed group with a generic name on an unsearchable closed platform.

I don’t want to completely pour cold water on your ambitions: it’s good that you have them. But what you’ve posted is going to raise questions because it looks as if (probably unintentionally, as you don’t seem to know yourself) you’re hiding actual intention behind a list of nebulous, generic and broad things. There’s no single concrete idea (and no way to validate anything you’ve said due to the group being private).

The way you have sold it: it will attract inexperienced people who are desperate for a job. But that doesn’t lead where you say you want it to.

This, (and even moreso your other post about your website idea), do seem to betray a naïvete about the sector, about looking for jobs, and about ideas. They’re just a collection of generic ideas, without real thought for how achievable they are taken as a collection, and in this case with consequences outlined by @PortableStick and @honmanyau . You can mould this into a good idea, definitely, but not in current form


This is all very rudimentary right now

Hence the title “web developer job hunt” the main idea is to simply gain more knowledge and adjut the users skillset to adapt to what jobs demand, based on general consensus.

An example post would be a graph showing programming languages with hire rates as of may 2018.
An example post by admin would be gathering results of a poll based on hire rates of users of the group based on individual specialisation.

Ideally I would prefer intermediate/ advance users that are searching for jobs.

Ideas that will persist

  • Algorithm of the day with poll
  • generation of site views and content for users. with forum based websites
  • github contribution of arbitrary type, preferably at an intermediate level minimum

This looks to me like you are trying to create a recruiting pool of users. I don’t think this is the best place to advertise such a site.

The first post explicitly says any skill level

But there are side effects that will happen on their own if the group is succesful

Such as employers searching for talent

Thats simple cause and effect based on success on the group

Why make the group private?

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Everything subject to change to accomodate to peoples needs