Visit Norway Project

So, I was sitting in my Norwegian Class, and was really bored, and was scrolling though freeCodeCamp’s Forum, and saw a dude made a Norway website. So I took what I know about HTML and CSS and made my own website.

It took me about 3 hours.

Not able to post links, since the lack of posts on this forum.

Feedback would mean a lot! :smiley:

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The image for Preikestolen is broken – you cannot link to imgur images from CodePen. It might show up for you because of caching, but no one else will see it.

The image for Geiranderfjord is quite large and loads slowly as a result. I recommend resizing the images down somewhat using your favorite image editing tool.

Alright! Thanks for the feedback! I’ll fix that! :slight_smile:

Link was broken. Fixed it.