Visual Basic 2010

Hi, can anyone help me with my School Project - coding pls


Do you have a specific question? With what do you need help?

We don’t do people’s homework here. We are however willing to answer programming questions. If you have some code with which you need help, let us know.

Yes, I have done some coding and it’s showing errors - “Submit button”

You understand that we can’t see your code, right? Do you have a repo?

Private Sub SubmitBt_Click()
Rem Submit score to data table
If MsgBox("Submit these scores?", vbOKCancel, "Game Recording System") = vbOK Then
    Rem Check data entry integrity
    If TeamA = TeamB Then
        MsgBox "Team entry not valid!", vbCritical, "Game Recording System"
        Exit Sub
    End If
    If TeamA = "" Or TeamB = "" Then
        MsgBox "Team entry is required!", vbCritical, "Game Recording System"
        Exit Sub
    End If
    If ScoreA < 0 Or ScoreB < 0 Then
        MsgBox "Score can not be -ve!", vbCritical, "Game Recording System"
        Exit Sub
    End If

    Rem Initialise variables
    WinA = 0
    WinB = 0
    DrawA = 0
    DrawB = 0
    PointA = 0
    PointB = 0
    DiffA = 0
    DiffB = 0
    Rem Is there a winner?
    If ScoreA = ScoreB Then
        Rem There is a draw
        DrawA = 1
        DrawB = 1
        PointA = 1
        PointB = 1
        Rem we have a winner
        DiffA = ScoreA - ScoreB
        DiffB = ScoreB - ScoreA
        If ScoreA > ScoreB Then
            Rem A is the winner
            WinA = 1
            PointA = 3
            Rem B is the winner
            WinB = 1
            PointB = 3
        End If
    End If
    Call UpdateTable
    Call DoNext
    Rem Do nothing
    MsgBox "Nothing submitted", , "Game Recording System"
End If

End Sub

Private Sub DoNext()
Rem reset user interface for next data entry
TeamA.Value = ""
TeamB.Value = ""
ScoreA.Value = 0
ScoreB.Value = 0
End Sub

The code works on MS Access but can’t work on VB.2010

OK, I’ll take a look later, but I don’t know VB. This is a forum mostly devoted to web development, but maybe someone else will take a look.

When I search for “visual basic forum”, I do get some hits. You might encounter people more familiar with VB there.

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