Visual Bug on my Website

Please help, I have made a website and made it responsive to mobile devices also, but when I use it in my mobile device, there’s a white portion appearing during scrolldown(refer to the uploaded image).

You can check my site here: “
Note: make sure to use google chrome and a mobile device

Here’s my code: GitHub - conazz/

Hello, try to add a media selector with the body object, I don`t see it in your code.
Here is an example:CSS @media Rule

Update: I ran your site on my phone and it works great with no space at all, it just may be your phone. Good luck

I don’t see the same in device mode but I do see the footer causing an overflow. Use min-height on it instead.

There is also a bug with the navigation. It is a bit of an edge case but if you look at the site in device mode using something like iPhone 12 and scroll to the bottom, then switch the orientation (use the rotate button) to landscape and scroll back up the nav is gone and doesn’t come back until you switch back to portrait mode and scroll back down again.

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