Visualize Data with a Scatterplot Graph - why can't I pass the last tooltip test?

Hi! Could anyone help me out with why I’m not passing the tooltip tests? I’ve been looking at it for ages and looking at other people’s code and I really don’t understand where I’m going wrong

I’m getting ‘Could not find property “data-year” in tooltip’


If you inspect your page, your tooltip looks like this <div id="tooltip" style="visibility: hidden;">undefined - undefined - undefined - undefined</div> For some reason, the attr has not been applied.
For reference, my solution has a tool tip like this: <div id="tooltip" data-year="2006" style="left: 571px; top: 264px; opacity: 0;">Andreas Klöden Alleged use of illegal blood transfusions in 2006</div>

For anyone experiencing the same issue I saw that someone else fixed this by downgrading the d3 script tag to version 5 - this fixed mine also :slight_smile:

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