visualStudio-general and VS code for Vue


My question is:
I see a file completely fine in the codesandbox:

But in VisualStudio and VS code I see only a logo of Vue!
How is this possible? Has this experience happened to you?

Please share with me your Idea.


I don’t understand what that statement means. VS Code is just a text editor. You should be able to see the contents of the file.

Are you saying you can’t see the source code files or are you saying that there is something wrong when you try to run it.

You can see the code. I don’t know what is your idea about it.
But I mean VisualStudio and VS code don’t run the code correctly.

Hi lingo,
VScode Visual Studio and many other things like them are really just text editing programs that have some extra special features for programmers. If you are writing code they won’t necessarily be able to run or display your code - though most have additional features to add some of that functionality.
In the case of VScode i would highly recommend installing the Code Runner extension.
Once installed you can run your code by saving then pressing Ctl + Alt + N
To see images and such you probably need to be running in a browser or installing node to run locally. That is all a bit more complex to do which is why lots of people start by using systems like codepen that sort all of that out for you so that you can just focus on the code. The sooner you move on and learn how to do it properly the better - in my opinion. There is definitely a learning curve though…

But VisualStudio is an Ide. It should run and debug codes.
I have used it for many projects, but know don’t know what has happend.

Have you checked the file and made sure that you have followed the project setup ionstructions such as yarn install correctly?

I use a template for Vue and .net core.
It has all the required files. I have used it before.
Do you think it might be because of the growth of Vue 3 to Vue3.1?

I have used this template:

Sorry can’t help you with that.

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