Voiceover seems to be broken on the Monaco editor

I’ve been trying to navigate through my code using the arrow keys, but VoiceOver will not read character by character, instead reading word by word. Quicknav is disabled, but it still won’t work. This used to work when I got my HTML certification, so I’m not sure what changed. accessibility mode doesn’t seem to do much in this case.

Ya, I don’t think accessibility mode would have anything to do with this issue. The primary thing it does is prevent lines from wrapping if they are longer than the width of the editor so that they always present as one line of code. It shouldn’t have any effect on the arrow keys.

I don’t have access to a mac at the moment so I can’t troubleshoot this myself. I did test this with both JAWS and NVDA and the left/right arrow keys are allowing me to navigate a character at a time. You can also use the control key with the arrow keys to navigate a “word” at a time. This worked fine with JAWS/Chrome but I noticed with NVDA/Firefox that while NVDA would read out each word as if it was working, the cursor would not actually move. So if you used control + right arrow to read ahead a few words, the cursor was still back where you started and then when you used just the right arrow key you would be back where you started. I believe this is a recent change in behavior in NVDA (and not a good one if you ask me). So what I’m getting at is that it’s not out of the question that something changed in either monaco or voiceover that could be causing your problem.

I’ll try searching a little more to see if I can find anybody else complaining about this. Hopefully some others who have access to voiceover can chime in here and let us know if they are having the same issue.

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