Volkswagen/Travel product landing page - review request

I’m started out making a page for Volkswagen van then got distracted and just kinda went with it.
Any feedback is massively appreciated :slight_smile:

Hello Matty,

Just checked you work, and guess what? O yes very good work. I liked it. Everyone likes WV, do you like it? I like it, but I like Porsche more :sunglasses:

Alright, now about your work, it’s responsive, very good. really good.

About the design I would suggest you use a brighter background image please ,s o the WV logo comes more sharper. Since the background image is kind of dark and WV is black, so it’s not very easily noticed.

And if you note, the Beetle car is not centered in the image, if you could cut some pixel from the left or use another image could be awesome.(not critical, but could be better fixed)

I think if you swap the top buttons(anchors) “Inspiration” with “Destinations” could be better, since the first item points to a location on page after the second element. Usually internal links are ordered with the same order they point to page.

About the logo, I see it’s a png file, not sure, but I think the SVG file available, using SVG will help you save some bytes and make your page more lighter. Also using SVG could help you scale it at any size without losing any resolution.
META INFO: indexed/grayscale png files are used as vector files too, but it’s too much for browsers yet, maybe later they come with such support.

I suggest for mobile please give a little more line-height.

Please enlarge the font size for each text in each box(inside the span, like “Asia”, “USA”,…) , in mobile they look a little small!

In footer section, the text “DON’T LOOK BACK”, I think you better change the colour to bring more contrast with silver/gray background.

I think this is a good work, well done.

Keep going on great work, happy coding.

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Thanks Null_dev, your feedback is always fantastic! I’ll get to work on all that and will show you the results. Everyone loves a Porche :grin: