Volunteer Opportunity

So, I am currently working to raise $500,000 in a year and a half for an organization called SHOFCO which provides free education for girls living in Kibera which the largest slum in Africa. Growing up in Kenya I knew this was an organization I wanted to help when I moved to the states. A problem that I’ve encountered is that I don’t have a single place where people can go to learn more. I’ve realized that a responsive website creates more trust as well as providing a creative visual for my goal. I know a little bit of HTML & CSS but that is not nearly enough of what I need. I am hoping to create a team that can create an amazing website.

Hey Debra!
I could help you. Write me please more info, or we could discuss it in some messenger.

Hi @debracheprop,
I would love to work on this with you and collaborate with @borka. Can we discuss more details via a messenger?

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I’ve created a slack group: https://join.slack.com/t/shofcofundraiser/shared_invite/enQtMzgwNjM0NjExMjIyLWMwYTIzOTY1MjMyYzZiOTQ5MDJkOTUwMmJhZTlkMTE2MTU1ZmZhMzMzYmIyZjg5MTMxMDhlOWQwOGFkYmRiODA