Volunteer to build your portfolio

Hi there,

Ever thought of volunteering to build your coding portfolio? We are a US non-profit looking for experienced REACT.js/Node.js coders to help us build your PWA.

We are building a micro-donation platform using the latest JavaScript technologies. The platform consists of:
– a progressive web application (PWA) that allows users to make frictionless donations to a campaign
– a backend admin application for OneRelief staff to manage charities, campaigns and donations
– a REST API that powers the PWA and admin application

We are looking for experienced JavaScript developers that are comfortable in some or all of the following:
– Node.js
– React/Redux
– MongoDB
– PWA concepts
– AWS/GitLab

Please have a look at our beta app, our list of current tasks (on GitLab), as well as our marvel-demo-app:


Get in touch if you are interested in the project and any of the available tasks. This can be a great chance to use your JavaScript development experience to make a real difference! One task that we are looking urgently help for is a photo upload: https://gitlab.com/onerelief/pwa/issues/57

More at onereliefapp.com

So, let me get this right so that I am not missreading this. You want senior developers working for free at a site aimed at beginners?

Thanks Pethaf! We are looking for experienced developers (people not totally new to coding) who are interested in making use of their time and learning by volunteering for social good. We are a non-profit organization, run by volunteers.

Ok, what level of experience are you looking for? I might be able to contribute.

yes… please tell … what level of experience you are looking for …i may contribute :wink:

Please have a look at our current tasks (marked with “To Do”): https://gitlab.com/groups/onerelief/-/boards?=

In terms of level of experience, it depends on the task, but for all of them you should be familiar with Git, Docker, AWS, React.js, Node.js, and for the front end tasks with CSS. :grinning:

Please DM me if you are interested. Our beta is at https://beta.one-relief.org

Experienced and beginner mean opposite things . You may want to either reword your pitch.

How can we DM you PeterPausk? I don’t think the forums has a message option.

Hey Franklyn! If you are interested, just hit me up by email at peter.prix_at_onereliefapp.com

Sent you an email Peter, not sure if you had received it yet.