Volunteer work on resume

Hi everyone,

I currently look for a job in web development. I came across some volunteer work.

If I put the web dev volunteer work on my resume, do employers care at all? or they just like “nah, volunteer work means nothing. We don’t take volunteer work seriously”?

Yes, it involves coding.

Volunteer experience is just as good as any other, and you should be able to talk about it in an interview just as if you were getting paid for it. No shop you would actually want to work for is likely to dismiss it. Definitely include it on your CV.


When it comes up in your future interviews, dont volunteer the information that it was for free. IF they ask, dont lie obviously, but it will not work in your favor to say it outright. Its job experience like any other :slight_smile:

I don’t think that is good advice. There is no reason to be misleading in any way. Lies of omission are still lies. Volunteer work should be labeled as such.