Volunteering / Answering Questions on FCC Forum


I’m not exactly a beginner programmer even though I have so much more to learn.

On the job reading code and communicating are important since you’ll be working with a team, often communicating in writhing , maintenance, bugs and modifying code.

So reading and writhing is a big part of the job. :slight_smile:

In order to get practice reading code, participating in an open source code base is a great way to get that experience.

In terms of communicating, I think answering questions on FCC forums could be a great way to help the community and also learn at the same time.

Are their guidelines? Minimum requirements before we can volunteer our time?


This is a community. We hope that everyone who thinks that they can help answer a question or offer advice feels comfortable doing so. New users will experience some limitations on volume of posts and shared links - just as an automated anti-spam measure, but those go away pretty quickly.

There are forum guidelines, but the big thing to remember is our Code of Conduct. For the most part, just remember to be kind and supportive to each other. If you spend time here you’ll get a sense of how we try to live our community values and you may occasionally get feedback on how you can offer help more effectively. Treat everyone with respect whether they’re giving or requesting advice, and you’ll fit right in.


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