Voter App - what is the best way to view the data in the collection

Howdy, Campers.

I am beginning the Voter App project.

If I was using mLab, I could just go over to and look at my collection data directly.

If I had the data/db set up directly on my C: drive in the desktop, I could view the data using Robomongo

But I’m not. This is all being done in C9. How can I view the data in the collections??

Any reason you don’t want to use mlab? That’s what I’ve done, and it works well from c9.

Makes it easy when you deploy over to Heroku too.

Actually to be honest I’s really like to do that.

I think all it would take is creating the db and collection in mLab, then going back to the .env file in the c9 project and updating MONGO_URI=mongodb://localhost:27017/clementinejs with the mLab url.

Is that correct or am I missing something?