Voting App - Take Home Project - Please check its functionality

Hi all,

Could you please check my voting app project. I think everything’s done. But before submitting I want to share it with you.

Here is the link for Voting App and Challenge.

It would be nice if you could play a bit with this app and verify wheter everything works as it should.


I like the pie charts and the UI.

I attempted to login and got the following error:

{ error: { message: "E11000 duplicate key error index: voting-app.users.$local.username_1 dup key: { : null }", code: 11000, name: "MongoError" } }

Thanks for response. Have you seen this error after trying to login with your github credentials?

Yes that was the only option for logging in that I saw

Perhaps I have found the source of the problem. During building the app I have resigned from local login/registration strategy but did not updated mongoose Schema for users collection.

Charts came from recharts.js library, but my implementation is not flawless - when you vote it’s changing colors, because I also use random color generating during every component update, but i consider is as a small flaw and good lesson learned :slight_smile:

Just tried again and it worked. One potential improvement could be limiting votes, it seemed like I was able to add as many votes as I liked to an answer.

I would really appreaciate if somebody else could check this project as well - login, create a poll etc. Every comment is priceless.

I don’t want to be obtrusive :slight_smile: but could anyone else check my project?