Voting app user stories question: "aggregate results of my polls?"

So, I was about to submit when I noticed I hadn’t done one of the user stories. No biggie.

But then I started wondering whether I had interpreted another one accurately.

For the user story ‘As an authenticated user, I can see the aggregate results of my polls.’

I have included this: (i.e. the bit in parentheses)

But I suspect that is not what was really being asked of me. How do you all interpret that user story?

BTW, I’d still like more general feedback on the app, but if you have it, please post it to the previous thread so that this one stays focused on that pesky user story :slight_smile:

According to the video of the challenge, to “aggregate results” means to show how many people voted for each option of a poll. On the other hand, we already have “As an unauthenticated or authenticated user, I can see the results of polls in chart form. (This could be implemented using Chart.js or Google Charts.)”.