Voting app user story question

Regarding these user stories:

As an authenticated user, I can see the aggregate results of my polls.

As an unauthenticated or authenticated user, I can see the results of polls in chart form.

Doesn’t the chart form already show the aggregate results of a poll? Or are the aggregate results something else?

I thought so too, but I interpreted it as: “I can see the top choice for polls I created”.

Hmm… I guess I’ll do that :thinking:

a whole formed by combining several separate elements.
“the council was an aggregate of three regional assemblies”

Perhaps it means you should be able to see the results of all your polls in one place? I’m doing this at the moment too and I hadn’t thought about that bit yet.

So it’s like in @BenGitter’s screenshot, except the results of all choices are visible?

For the authenticated page, I just listed the polls that the user created in the same way that it is listed for non authenticated users , but just added some more functionality when the poll was clicked , like delete , etc …

I believe that is how the sample project had it also , if I recall correctly.

Right, that was how I was going to do it. I have this mostly finished but I’ve been dragging my feet because I’m not at all excited about making the other apps :worried: . I can just about imagine someone using my voting app for 5 minutes, but I can find the enthusiasm to make a “nightlife app” that literally no-one is ever going to use. Ditto for the “pinterest clone”. Did you make all of them? I’m tempted to just not bother.

Yeah , i made all of them. i learnt different things with each one , some newer things and other more complex /refinement of the same concepts, however the basic structure for all of them was the same , node,mongo,react,express,passport, etc… So , once you do the first one, you just keep that basic structure and add to it.