Voting to bring back the previous fcc design

Hello everyone! First of all, I would like to say thank you Quincy Larson for the job he did, I do appreciate. I really wanted FCC to publish new lessons concerning SASS, React, responsive web design, debugging, media queries and many many others things they’ve already added.

The previous design was really cool and simple:syntax highlighting, the task description and the output were on the left , the code was on the right, that was really handy and understandable.

I don’t want to offend someone, but now it’s not. I can’t understand what is the output when I learn algorithms, it just shows the message “running test”, so I need to use JS Fiddle to get the output.

So, I offer to vote, if you also want to bring back the previous design, you need to like this post and write you message below, that you also want to bring the design back.


I could not agree more!

This new interface is buggy, not as easy to move around in, and just overall not as good. I don’t see why it was changed when before it was very simple and user friendly.


want to bring the design back.

Never desire the past, improve the present for a better future!


The FCC team made the decision to push one big update that included the changes to the curriculum as well as the completely new implementation of application. There is still a lot of work that is being done to improve the UI, but they decided to get the curriculum out into the hands of campers as soon as it was ready. In the 5 days since the migration, many UI improvements have already rolled out. Because these changes can be released without impacting core functionality, expect to see a lot of incremental improvements to the UI rolling out steadily.


Ok, I understand it. But please make the output area display the result of code a user writes. I just want to make FCC better.

There is a reported bug for this. It is going to be fixed.


I think the biggest “update” that needs to be done with the new version, which I am completely fine with, is the sign in with email. I have received more emails from FCC since new update than from anyone else and only because every time I try to sign in, it is asking me to verify.

No, I am not going to save passwords around. That is just my personal preference so this is something that I would definitely like to have fixed as soon as possible.

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If by “No, I am not going to save passwords around.” you mean that you aren’t going to let the session persist in your browser, then you’re going to have to check your email every time.

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Why can’t I just log in with email and password like I can at ie. Facebook or any other network ?

That would be the reasons the team decided to get rid of passwords.


I guess erasing the email with code is going to be the resolution :slight_smile:

Honestly? I just really want a dark coding editor with more pronounced color highlights again.

You know… like the default of just about every editor.


They plan to create a dark theme. It’s just not done yet. Soon.

If you can’t wait for that, there are a number of browser extensions and software options to change the colors of your browser, individual domains, or your monitor. At least one person has already published a Stylish style to make the new FCC dark.


The stylish theme with a few minor adjustments is perfect. Thanks for the suggestion!

I totally agree. A big advantage about this update is that it’s more detailed. I don’t like the idea that when I am tracking my curriculum, I have to manually collapse the tabs to see how far I have reached when the previous version automatically did that for me.

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First, I want to say thank you very much Quincy Larson because I applied to a scholarship challenge, and I was accepted. Thanks to your website I was able to explain basic HTML and CSS. I will be happy to contribute each day to help people on this forums and share my knowledge :smile: :pray:

Second, your design is great, but I am not sure why we need the bottom box. My guess is you tried to make it look similar to web developer tools :thinking:



the new interface isnt too bad , but i was used to the old darker tone and it was just easier on the eyes honestly …and more open as to this new mode is too cramped reminds me of codeacademy.

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how do i apply this theme to my browser?

You would want to choose an appropriate browser extension. P1xt uses Stylus (link in her article). I use Stylish.

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