Voting to bring back the previous fcc design

If anyone wants the output, u can just console.log the result and use chrome tools to display the result

Ok, but it’s not convenient as it used to be, there was no need to console log anything , everything was simple and user-friendly.

I like it. It’s created a few gaps I need to circle back and complete, but that’s no big deal. Other than that, I like the new curriculum, and it the new UI is working just fine for me.

I’ve been through this type of change before. Change creates friction, and that feels uncomfortable. It’s normal to resist change. But after a big change, the right way to go is to move forward and fix what needs fixing. Going back isn’t the answer.


I too love the old design we could see the curriculum in the same page where we were learning, but now we need to open a new tab/opens in the same page interrupting the learning process by a little.

I vote for old design.

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Oh God, please bring back the old design. Was so cool, simple and easy to understand. Since the new design i lack of enjoy to enter and grind my brain.

Once again, the UI will continue to having rolling improvements. You also have the power to take control over the way websites, including FCC, are displayed. Some extensions, like Stylish, already have community-uploaded themes for the new FCC, or you can go ahead and use the skills FCC taught you to take control of your experience.

That is what I understood: curriculum first then UI to follow. I used to be a teacher and know heaps of them. Many of us have had to deal with fires and flooding. I remember them talking about teaching in makeshift locations until renovations are completed. That’s how I see this process. It’s great of FCC to keep the learning going forward and let the paint, new carpet, fancy chairs etc happen as they do.

Thank you so much for the curriculum update.


Awesome update! Such a great resource, FCC is becoming really comprehensive. I too found it annoying that the ouput frame was missing. But using the console is good practise. In old FCC and CodePen etc, you would get errors in the console for things not related to your code. Stuff to do with the UI or Codepen engine. Looks like a fair bit of work has gone into keeping these things at bay. Good work Quincy n co!

@Nikita I tried and I am not experiencing what you described, which makes me think that they fixed the bug already. Would you please verify and then add a note to your OP to indicate that the issue is resolved so that people aren’t drawn into a non-issue discussion, please?

@Balancedsan Sorry, but using the console is not a viable solution for most incoming students. It requires a lot of knowledge that beginners don’t have. Imagine if you’re new to webdev and then must not only navigate the console but try to figure out what it means when you don’t even know HTML and CSS. Yes, there are people who will take up the challenge, but a lot of people will give up. I’ve studied webdev for a while and I do not find it the easiest way to see the results or troubleshoot. You can’t throw an advanced solution at beginners, I’m afraid. The point of FCC, as I understand it, is to make learning webdev easier. There are lots of websites that make it harder already. :slight_smile:

@BoCode84 I assure you that this is a much easier solution than what some other websites use, without making it too easy to hack your account (unless they hack your email, first!). :slight_smile: Take a look at what uses - incredibly long keys that only memory masters will remember and, if you lose the main one, you’ll have a hard time getting back your account.

@QuincyLarson Nice how you managed to transfer over the progress we’d made. Is that from the old platform or the Beta? accounts. Beta accounts are gone with the beta site.

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Hello! One of the things I wrote was about the output, but it doesn’t work correctly still, I can’t even use console.log like on

Could you post a screenshot? Also, could you try using a different browser to see if the problem is limited to the browser you are using? Further, are you using Mac, Windows, Linux or something else? Any information you can provide to the developers about your PC, OS, browser and extensions may help. :slight_smile:

Ok, screenshot,this is just an example of what happens when I try to return arr[0](which is “1” in this case), but instead there are only 2 messages “running test”, “tests complete”. My system is Windows 7 Home Basic Service Pack 1, browser - Latest Version: Google Chrome 67.0.3396.87 (32-bit) .

Look below the Run the Tests button to see the actual test case results. They are still working on the section in the bottom right-hand corner. It currently shows you the tests which you are still failing.

You can always use console.log. You just have to use the real console of the browser (Ctrl+Shft+J in Chrome).

It would be very helpful if you didn’t remove the top of the page, and even better if we can see the browser in the screenshot as it may help us diagnose. If you don’t want us to see the sites you have open, then open a separate instance of the browser so it’ll only show FCC.
Here’s an example of it working for me:



Sorry for the delay, Nikita, I was hoping a dev here would help you. Just a guess, but I suspect they haven’t been able to implement the results screen for some of the courses. A different interpretive program and database have to be created for each course and language. Again, I’m guessing.

@ArielLeslie @raisedadead @QuincyLarson :
Can you please show him where to report this apparent deficiency? The JavaScript course doesn’t seem to have a results pane like most of the other courses do. I checked it out using Chrome on both a W7 and a W10 PC, or let us know if the JS course just doesn’t offer the results pane. If this is intentional, or not yet completed, a note in the introduction to the relevant courses would be a good way to prevent reports of the absence.

FYI, the APIs course, the IS & QA course and the Coding Interview Prep course don’t have the results pane, either.

Ok,I understand,thank you for your help. By the way, you wrote “show her”, but I’m a man. Nikita is a male name too :slight_smile: