VS Code for Markdown Previewer

Hello guys, does anyone know of a good full youtube tutorial that tells how to make a Markdown Previewer with Visual Studio Code(VS Code)? I’m having a lot of trouble finding one.

Thanks in advance!

Are you trying to build a VS Code extension? A quick search found me several tutorials for that.

I’m so sorry about my ignorance, but what is a VS Code extension? :grimacing:

It’s a third party tool that you can import into VS Code. But apparently it is not what you are trying to create.

Are you, by chance, talking about the Markdown Previewer project?

Or are you looking for a way to preview your .md markdown files in VSCode?


I am talking about the Markdown Previewer project. I should have specified.

I found several results when I searched for freeCodeCamp markdown previewer.

Keep in mind that submitting the same code used by a tutorial or example is a violation of the Academic Honesty Pledge. Feel free to watch other people explain their process, but you must write your own code, not copy.


I understand. Thank you.

Its also worth mentioning that you don’t need to actually need manually parse text to markdown as mentioned in the User Story #4 hint:

You don’t need to parse Markdown yourself - you can import the Marked library for this: https://cdnjs.com/libraries/marked


Thank so much! That’s really helpful!