VS Code Ideal IDE for coding with Python?

I’ve been working through the Scientific computing course and I’ve run up against some errors or problems when trying to scrape or (when working on an FCC-adjacent channel NeuralNine python tutorials) for sending mail from the IDE.

It lead me to believe that perhaps VS Code is not ideal for Python. Chuck Severance uses Atom. I wonder if another IDE is best for Python. Thoughts?

What errors or problems did you run into? It really depends on what those are. If you are sending email for example a lot more might depend on your host system and network environment.

I prefer Google Colab, but for the NeuralNine port scanner and server/client videos I used VS Code.

VS Code is pretty popular I doubt any errors you run into are VSCode-specific. As far as it being ideal? Try a few others it might depend what you like or what works for you. Try Atom or Pycharm?

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