VS code Problem

This is my code and when I launch it on VS code with live server my website looks like this, what should I do?

<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="en">
<meta charset="UTF-8">
<meta name="Dio" content="boxer">


<p>my First Website</p>


Hi there! Where did you get this? Very strange meta attributes

from youtube, it said to show the author, I deleted it after your comment and still didn’t do anything

Can you share a link to this video, please?
Yes, the problem is in the plugin, I suppose
Did you edit the URL?

I don’t know how to edit a URL, I just launched it with live server from VS code

Thanks. You can install another similar extension, Live Preview and give it a try

the website shows up but now if I want to put images and a website icon, it doesn’t show it

Is it that funny how you are not learning about web development but rather about a tool that might or might not work? This is common with many tutorials that use extra tools to make it “easier”.
I’d say, keep it simple. Write your code and then run your code by going and clicking the file.

why you getting mad ? I tried looking up in youtube yet nothing helped so that’s why I am asking? again bud stop looking for trouble and being moody for no reason but tbh you gave me an idea to change programs rather being stuck at VS code even though you’re not fun at parties

Who’s mad? I was pointing out a pattern that you might encounter with many tutorials. It was not directed to you. If you do not find my suggestion agreeable you can skip it.

calling this thing funny like it’s a joke is a sign of temper, could’ve just said try other programs yk

Funny means as well peculiar or ironic in nature, suspicious, perplexing.

Ok, this thread is on the border of not being productive. If there is a question to be asked that can be used to better help then let’s ask. Otherwise if this back and forth keeps up the thread will be locked

Well, ok, to check this issue share your new code, please

I gave up on VS,so do you know where I can practice my code on a website rather on a editor program? thanks

A lot of people use codepen, but depending on how large the code is it would be easier to use something like vs code. You could still use vs code without trying the extensions to see the changes live. You can make your changes in vs code, save the file, and then find the index file in your file explorer, and then click the option to view in chrome. It will then show your changes. If you make more changes you will have to refresh the page to see the changes

In addition to @Cody_Biggs ’ words, if VS Code is not comfortable for you now, try very simple editor, Sublime Text. It was my first editor, very easy but convenient