VSCode Extension for Git Commits Gitmoji Style πŸ’―


I posted a while back letting folks know about an extension I wrote for Visual Studio Code. I started coding here, almost two years ago and I was excited to see that a few people actually downloaded this. Its called Gitmoji Commit and it now redesigned with two new key features.


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Extension Marketplace
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User Guide

  • The usual workflow is to git add the files you want before this

Create Commit Message

Adds a command to compose a commit message with a gitmoiji. Either press Ctl+Shift+P and find Gitmoji Commit: Create Commit Message or set your own keyboard shortcut.

  • The first thing that happens is a dropdown with various icons and a description of their commit type.
  • Typing into the input filters the list quickly.
  • When you find your gitmoji press enter


  • Now you will be prompted from your commit message text
  • Press enter when done


  • Now you message will be composed and inserted into the integrated terminal


  • Press enter and the git push your commits whenever you want

There is also one option. You can change the syntax of the emoji between colon syntax - lipstick and unicode :lipstick:. These are the characters that actually appear in your terminal. I am using bash on Windows and I have to use the colon syntax or the results aren’t good. Mileage will vary.

Gitmoji Cheat Sheet

Reference table of all gitmojis and the type of associated commit.

  • Clicking the UI will copy the emoji itself or the colon syntax, whichever you prefer


At the end of the day gitmojis are mostly cosmetic but they add a certain aesthetic to a repo. They help me wrap my head around what I have been working on.


Thanks for reading. Enjoy the extension. :100:

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