Vue.js event handling (SOLVED)

I am doing the official Vue.js tutorial

and following it step by step.
I created a button with a click event

 <button v-on:click="addToCart">Add to Cart</button>
 <p class="cart">Cart: {{ cart }}</p>
var app = new Vue({
  el: '#app',
  data: {
    product: 'Socks',
    inStock: true,
    details: ["80% cotton", "20% polyester", "Gender-neutral"],
    cart: 0,
    methods: {   
      addToCart: function() {
        this.cart += 1;

and I get an error in the console

ReferenceError: addToCart is not defined
at ln.eval (eval at wa (vue:6), :3:995)

I checked different websites, checked and even copied their examples, but the methods are always not defined. When I comment them out in html, the error disappears, so it’s something in the html file.
Can anyone help? Did you get a similar error?

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Didja compare it to the tutorial codepen?

Spoiler: solution codepen:


Oh thank you so much!!
I found my mistake by checking your first link. It wasn’t extremely clear from the tutorial that data and methods are two different objects. Thank you!


Thanks, was stuck too!