Vue JS Markdown Previewer

Hello all,

I tried to complete the markdown previewer challenge using Vue JS.
As far as I can understand I completed the user stories. Although I can not fulfill the tests.
It is because of the Vue?
It is caused to my misunderstanding of the user stories?
Have I to recoded it with React in order to pass?

You can see it here:

Any help will be appreciated.

I didn’t really look at the output from test 8, as it is optional, but it’s important to read the errors in the first line of the verbose output underneath the failed tests:
In this case (see copy/pasted relevant output below the screenshot):

  1. You may be handling the event at a different time (keyup is the one the test wants. MDN lists the order in which they fire here.

When I enter text into the #editor element, the #preview element is updated as I type to display the content of the textarea

#preview is not being updated as I type into #editor (should update on every keyup) : expected ‘R’ to equal ‘a’

  1. This one doesn’t seem to make sense still (i.e.: it looks like your app is doing the right thing), so in my experience, the issue is still with #3 - the output of this test will likely change if you get #3 to pass, since it expects #preview to be empty, but it still has text, which tells me that the test may be setting the value of #editor to the empty string, but your keyboard event hasn’t fired by the time the test checks the value (or something like that).

preview’s only children should be those rendered by marked.js : expected ‘<h1 id=“react-markdown-previewer”>Re … </p>\n’ to equal ‘’