Vue learning resources

I am looking to learn some Vue and I have found some pretty good resources to pick up the basics of Vue

And there are a couple of free crash courses on Udemy, however I am wondering if anyone knows of any courses teaching Vue in the style similar to FCC or codecademy?

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I’ve looked for something like that myself, but haven’t found anything.

However, to get started with Vue, I’d recommend reading the official guide. If you already know some JavaScript, you should find this guide a joy to read. When I started reading it, I thought: “Hey, this stuff really makes sense! Maybe I can use this Vue to build that app I’ve been wanting to build for a while?” And then I started building this flashcards app (to help me learn Finnish) and couldn’t stop.

I only used the basic Vue library, and I just looked stuff up in the official guide whenever I got stuck. I haven’t got into the heavy stuff like Vuex or Vue-router yet. But building it helped me learn the basics of Vue pretty well, and – funnily enough – helped me improve my JavaScript skills a lot too, because most of the time I was just working with plain JavaScript, albeit within a Vue app.

(That said, I’m considering now building the same app in React, as React developers seem to be much more in demand, at least for now. But that’s another issue entirely…)

So I’d say read the guide and start building a basic app. Hopefully you’ll find it a really fun way to learn, like I did. :slight_smile:

Good luck on your Vue journey, and please let us know how you’re getting on with it.

Sorry for off-topic, but can Vue be learned while learning JS? I will jump fully into JS and I was wondering when Vue comes into a picture. Thanks.

Thanks for the reply. I agree the official documentation is really good.

I started with React on codecademy, there are two free courses there, and then did the React course here on FCC and that was enough to complete all the front-end framework projects.

I am job hunting at the moment and React is very popular however I am trying to pick up some Vue because I have a second interview with a company that uses both React and Vue for various projects.

So I am currently getting the hang of Vue fundamentals, the basics like interpolation and the directives are very similar to Angular

This udemy course for Vue is free and seems great so far

It can be learnt together but I suggest learning vanilla JS first, then ES6 javascript syntax, then move into Vue.

All at once i’d imagine will be quite overwhelming and could get confusing if aren;t sure what is JS syntax and what is vue syntax


I agree with camelcamper here. The order in the FCC curriculum is excellent, I think. Follow that, learn JS first, and then when you reach the React stuff, you could take a look at Vue as well. With a solid grounding in JS, you should then find that learning and using React/Vue will sharpen your JS skills even more.

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Nice to hear employers are looking for Vue skills too. Good luck with your interview. And nice to hear that Codecademy has some React courses as well as FCC. It’s great having several learning options.

Yeah I found the codecademy lessons are a good start, they really hold your hand over there and guide you through the basics.

FCC is a little more challenging but I found I ultimately learned more here as answers are not just given to you. When you get stuck you have to search and solve it yourself


I believe you will tremendously benefit from vuemastery by Gregg Pollack and Adam Jahr

The courses are curated in a way that are illustrated, conceptualized in a very comprehensible manner, and reinforced with code you can experience along with projects that work in real life

Aside from the videos, you can also receive a cheat sheet and the latest news from their podcast and newsletters

I keep learning and staying up to date on vuemastery and how awesome it is