Vue rambling and vague questions

I have studied React for a little while through scrimba and I’m looking at internship opportunities and one in particular that I have been given a project to build as an exam has me a little bit flustered. I have built something and deleted it multiple times, and I have 3 more days to build it…for reference my code is irrelevant since i have the boilerplate working but I’m torn since my 6 days of experience with vue have made me wonder how possible it is to build a web page that can accept an image and display its width/height and then post it or other images multiple times without reloading the page my mind is stuck on react and i feel i could do it with react however with vue i have seen a lot of information about doing this with apis and cloud based servers but not with just vue…this is mostly venting and rambling but if anyone has experience or input they could share i would greatly appreciate it!