VueJS - how come I don't hear much about it anymore?

I am falling in love with VueJS, at least I think.

Why is VueJS not in the spotlight anymore? Is it a fading technology now?

It’s the second most popular front end framework by some measures 🤷

Things in the real world generally do not move this quickly from being incredibly popular to not popular. It is a long way off React in first place, but it’s very heavily used.

I had thought Angular 8 had passed Vue in popularity?

By some measures I guess, goes up and down, I was going off State of JS 2017/18/19 results and a couple of other things. Is difficult to measure actual real usage, but tbf Angular is probably more popular overall (a specific version released in May, definitely not though), because more Enterprise stuff seems to mandate Angular usage. For PHP, Laravel gets Vue included out of the box. A load of .Net stuff I’ve seen pushes for Vue now. Etc.

There are 2 main factors that work against VueJs popularity

  1. Job prospects are lower for VueJS than Angular and React jobs (ref)
  2. No backing by a major company.

Simply put React is popular, Angular is verbose, but scalable and VueJs is the indie framework.

As a company you could just use React and leverage many of the devs on the market, and build a web app using what is slowly becoming “the standard” front-end framework/lib. Or you could take Angular and leverage the verbose framework to get a ton out of the box, still find devs, and be backed by Google.

There’s nothing directly wrong with VueJs, it just isn’t the other two which are more popular, and more stable choices. This will always result in less “stuff” and “spotlight” being placed on VueJs naturally. I also don’t see this changing anytime soon, as both React and Angular are only going to grow in popularity, still leaving VueJs to be the third wheel.

VueJS is apparently super popular in China, but I still hear about it all the time in dev circles here in the west. It isn’t as popular as Angular or React, but it’s a pretty solid third place. Then there’s Svelte, which might steal some of Vue’s thunder (it takes Vue’s design to the conclusion of “make ALL the things reactive”). Vue isn’t sitting still either, and Vue 3 promises to shake things up quite a bit.