Waiting time before domain transfer

Hi all!
I want to purchase a domain and web hosting to play around live a little bit.
Found a good hoster, but they dont offer the domain I want. If I buy my domainname somewhere else like namecheap, is there a waiting time till I can transfer to another hoster? I hope not 1 year…
Thank you!

I’ve never tried to transfer my domain name between domain registrars. I don’t believe there is any rule for a delay, besides whatever is imposed by the domain registrar itself. There might be a short one depending on how things are setup.

There are some rules domain registrars need to follow, but I couldn’t find anything in regards to transfers that impose a delay. (there is a mention of a 60 day limit for transferring again though.)


OK, thank you! I read about the 60 days limit as well, but do not know how it is in reality.