WakaTime Accountability Leaderboard

If anybody uses WakaTime and would like to join a private leaderboard I’m making to keep myself accountable and have some fun with.

If you don’t use WakaTime, but you’d like to join in, you can find installation instructions for most IDEs / Editors here: https://wakatime.com/help/editors

Ps. I only code for about 2 hours a day, so I should be easy to beat :slight_smile:

Use this link to join (I think)…

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Never going to beat that (at least not for several days in a row), but I am certainly interested to see how long others code. WakaTime username is the same as my forum username.

Cool! Can you try using the link above? I’ve realise I need more info from people to add them manually and the link might just be a one-click thing :slight_smile:

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Got it! the link works :slight_smile:

Just tried to join and it said that it is full.

Dang it. Limited to 3 friends only on the free plan

Ha! I did not read the docs. In my defence it was late at night.

We now have 2 weeks of premium access.

I don’t know if it’ll kick us all off the leaderboard when it expires…we’ll see.

@Josh5231 feel free to try again :slight_smile: